Aboriginal sites are an important part of the heritage of the whole community. They are of immense cultural, scientific, educational and historic interest.

Aboriginal heritage sites provide Aboriginal people today with an important link to their present and past culture.

Many Aboriginal sites are fragile and can easily be damaged. When they are destroyed or damaged, information about past cultural and environmental changes may be lost forever. Information about the people who lived here for the last 45,000 years can be obtained through the archaeological investigation of these sites.

One of the main activities of the Corporation is attending to native title and heritage matters on behalf of the Eastern Guruma people. The Corporation is also responsible for protecting and promoting the culture, traditions and customs of the Eastern Guruma people.

The Corporation is now responsible for the administration and conduct of heritage surveys on Eastern Guruma country.

In 2018, the Wintawari Guruma Healthy Country Project is set to launch. This project has been established to produce a healthy country plan that supports people getting onto and looking after country. The collection, management and protection of cultural heritage information for sites of significance to the Eastern Guruma people will be part of this Project.